Dr. Baljit Kaur laid the foundation stone for the renovation of Mini Industrial Development Center Malot

dr. Baljit Kaur: Efforts are being made by the Punjab government to encourage industrial units so that any person can start his own industry and provide employment to the people, Dr. Dr. Minister Baljit Kaur Women and Child Development Department, Punjab, after laying the foundation stone of the four walls of the Mini Industrial Development Center Malot, which will be built at a cost of around 2.69 crore rupees.

He said that the work of this boundary wall was pending for a long time and now under the leadership of the Punjab government this work will be completed soon. He said that mini industrial units are being incubated at the focal point by the government and more renovation work will be done in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Minister Dr. Baljit Kaur and Dalbir Singh Dhilo Chairman Industrial Punjab Corporation listened to the problems of focal point plot allottees and assured to solve them soon.

On this occasion, the Chairman appealed to the focal point plot holders to start the industry as soon as possible whenever the plot is allotted.

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