Do not make these mistakes while drinking green tea


Mistakes While Having Green Tea: If you want to lose weight fast, brighten skin, improve digestion, or just need energy in your body… consuming green tea is the first thing that comes to our mind. This is such a tea, in which many benefits are hidden. Nowadays, the number of green tea drinkers in the world has increased a lot. Let me tell you that green TV is also effective in strengthening immunity. Along with this, it is also beneficial in cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart diseases.

Here we have talked about the benefits of green tea but some people do not know the right way to consume green tea and make some mistakes while drinking it. Let us tell you that you have to keep some things in mind while drinking it. Otherwise, instead of its benefits, you will start to suffer and its negative effects can be seen on your health.

Do not make these mistakes while drinking green tea

1. Drink in limits
You must know that drinking green tea has many health benefits but some people start consuming it excessively. Excess consumption of anything can harm health. So drink green tea only when needed. If you consume green tea in excess, it can cause restlessness, insomnia and digestive problems.

2. Choose the right time
Green tea also contains caffeine, yes, so if you consume it at night, it can have an adverse effect on your sleep pattern. So avoid consuming green tea at night. Never consume it before going to bed.

3. Do not drink on an empty stomach
Some people have a habit of drinking tea as soon as they wake up in the morning. In such a situation, those people taste green tea. Let us tell you that if you start your day with green tea on an empty stomach in the morning, this mistake will not be good for your health. In fact, green tea contains tannin, which produces acid in the stomach. So do not consume it on an empty stomach.

4. Do not drink immediately after food
If you are making the mistake of drinking green tea immediately after eating, correct it. Because it hinders the absorption of nutrients from food. Consuming it immediately after a meal interferes with iron absorption, which can lead to anemia. You can comfortably drink green tea 1-2 hours after eating.

5. Do not reuse green tea bags
Some people reuse green tea bags. Be careful not to do this. Because reusing the tea bag will spoil the taste of the tea. Also, don’t drink green tea in an unhealthy way. Always use fresh leaves.

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