Do not eat these 4 things on an empty stomach even by mistake, it will destroy the intestines, know the opinion of nutritionist


Some people get flatulence after eating apples. Because the intestine is not able to tolerate much fiber.
Raw vegetables contain cellulose, which does not have enzymes in our intestines to digest them.

Food that cause of stomach upset: What we should eat, what not, it depends on our choice. But the choice is not made by us but by our gut. The intestinal capacity of every person is different. That’s why some person may like something, then some person may not. Actually, those things which are easily digested by the intestines are liked more, but the intestines of some people are unable to digest everything. Some foods are such that more acid is produced due to which the intestines are not able to take them easily. That’s why eating such food causes different processes in the stomach due to which pain in the stomach can occur.

However, when some people have pain in the stomach, then they do not know why this pain is happening. Healthy food is necessary for us, but some healthy food can also harm us. In HT news, nutritionist Jenna Maktbi told that intestinal health is very important for our life. Food is broken down in the intestine itself and essential nutrients are extracted from it. If there is a lack of good bacteria in the intestines, then gas, bloating and other problems start happening in the stomach. Some food contains so much fiber that it becomes the cause of stomach pain.

Eating these foods will cause stomach ache

1. Raw VegetablesSome people start eating raw vegetables like tomato, cucumber etc. in the morning. But you should understand that raw vegetables contain cellulose, which does not have enzymes in our intestines to digest them. In this situation, the good bacteria of our intestine digest it, but when the good bacteria are less then there is difficulty in digesting these things. This can also cause abdominal pain along with gas and bloating.

2.Inulin PowderToday many things are being sold in the market in the name of fiber. One of these is inulin powder. It contains a lot of fiber which is very difficult to digest in the stomach. Inulin is a type of fructooligosaccharide that the intestine cannot tolerate. That’s why stomach ache starts after eating it.

3. AppleThere is a lot of fiber in apples. Although eating an apple daily can avoid going to the doctors, but some people get flatulence after eating an apple. Because the intestine is not able to tolerate much fiber. This is fructose malabsorption ie something out of tolerance. In such a situation, stomach pain starts. If there is more good bacteria in the stomach, then this type of food should be taken slowly.

4. SweetenerIt has been proved in many studies that diabetes patients can be harmed instead of sweeteners. Using too much sweetener can cause flatulence and can also cause abdominal pain. The intestines of many people cannot tolerate the polyols chemical present in the sweetener. That’s why stomach ache starts.

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