Do not eat 5 things with curd even by mistake, it can cause harm to health, do it from today itself


Consumption of curd or buttermilk in the summer season is as beneficial as it is harmful for our health.
Consuming curd with some things can have a bad effect on your health.

Do Not Eat These Things With Curd: If it is summer season and there is no consumption of curd or buttermilk, it is a bit difficult task. Why not, because consumption of curd is beneficial for our health. Along with increasing the digestive power, it also increases the immunity of the body. It contains high amount of calcium, which is beneficial for bones. Eating curd cures many diseases of the stomach. Not only this, the problem of cholesterol and high BP can be reduced by proper consumption of curd. But do you know that consuming curd in excess or with some things can have a wrong effect on your health. By doing this, you are giving place to the toxin in the body which rapidly reduces the immunity of your body. Come Dietitian Dr. Kajal Tiwari Let us know with which things we should avoid consuming curd.

1. Avoid eating onions with curd

In summer, people make raita at home, in which onions are mixed with curd. It may be good in taste, but it is harmful for health. According to Ayurveda, the effect of curd is cold while that of onion is hot. In such a situation, you may be allergic if both are used together.

2. Curd with Mango

Both mango and curd are special in the summer season. Most people like to eat mango lassi in this season, but it is harmful for our health. Actually the effects of both are opposite to each other. Doing this can cause skin problems on your body. Not only this, it increases the toxin in the body which also affects our digestion.

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3. Use of milk and curd together

Although both are products made of milk, but in Ayurveda, the use of both of them together is considered prohibited. It is believed that using both together can cause problems like diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain, indigestion.

4. Yogurt with Fish

We should never eat two protein rich food together. When we consume curd with fish, it can result in many diseases. Protein is rich in both, due to which their consumption can cause problems like indigestion, stomach pain.

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5. Curd with Urad Dal

If we consume urad dal with curd, there can be problems like acidity, bloating, loose motion in the stomach, so these two should never be consumed together.

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