Diabetes patients should eat fruits carefully, nutritionist told which fruits to eat, which not and the right time to eat fruits



Papaya, kiwi, pear, orange etc. can be eaten in diabetes.
Eating fruits should be avoided when the sugar level is very high.

Best Fruits for Diabetes Patients: Diabetes patients need to pay special attention to food so that the sugar level in the blood is not high. In such a situation, include only those things in the diet, which have been advised by your doctor. Talking about the consumption of fruits, many times diabetic patients unknowingly eat those fruits, which have high amount of sugar. Not all fruits increase the sugar level. Such elements are found in some fruits, which control the sugar level. clinical nutritionist anshul jaibharat Telling what are the best fruits for diabetes patients and when fruits should be consumed.

What should be kept in mind before eating fruits
Whether diabetic patients should eat fruits or not, it depends on what is your sugar level and HbA1c level. If the sugar level is very high then the consumption of fruits should be reduced. If the sugar level is under control then you can consume seasonal fruits. However, you must take advice from experts before consuming fruits. You can eat papaya, pear, apple, vine. Guava can also be eaten, but it will not be available this season. Sugary fruits like banana, mango, melon, grapes cannot be eaten. Even if you eat, eat only in limited quantity. It is not that you are eating bowl full two or three times a day. This can harm you. If your sugar level is absolutely under control, then you can eat all fruits in limited portions. If there is uncontrolled sugar level, then it is not advisable to eat any fruit.

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Sugar patients can eat these fruits
If you are suffering from diabetes then you can consume papaya, guava, avocado, lemon, tomato, berries, berries, strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, apple, orange, pomegranate etc. Consume only 100 to 150 grams of these fruits daily. Do not consume juice prepared from fruits at all. To control sugar level, eat only whole fruits. The more fiber-rich fruits you eat, the more beneficial it will be. Consume fruits as mid-meal. Avoid eating fruits immediately after having meals. It is better to eat fruits before meals.

Kiwi can be eaten- Diabetes patients should consume fruits that have a low glycemic index. This keeps the sugar level under control. You can eat kiwi. It is rich in nutrients. Contains vitamin C, potassium, fiber, low calories and low carbs. All these are effective in maintaining normal blood sugar level. Kiwi is an expensive fruit, but you can include it in the diet twice or thrice a week.

Eat grapes in limited quantity- If you have diabetes then you can eat grapes in limited quantity. It contains copper, fiber, vitamin C, K etc. Fiber does not let the sugar level get high, as well as keeps the stomach full for a long time, so that you avoid overeating. In this way obesity is controlled and you can avoid suffering from diabetes or other diseases.

Consume apples, oranges- If you are suffering from diabetes then you can also eat fruits like apple and orange. Being rich in vitamin C, orange boosts immunity. Diabetic patients can also consume apples without any hesitation. Since, it contains fiber, which keeps the sugar level under control.

Avoid consuming these fruits
There are some fruits in diabetes, whose consumption you should avoid. These fruits are banana, pineapple, raisins in dry fruits, mango, melon etc. These are some such fruits, in which the amount of sugar is high. For this, attention has to be paid to the glycemic index score. You can get information about this from the dietician and consume fruits.

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