Dengue breaks out on laughing family, kills three

Dengue is on the rise in Longowal. While its patients are coming forward in the coming days, dengue broke out in a laughing family in a village here, when three members of one family after another died of dengue. Dengue killed first the elderly, then the grandson and son.

Dengue kills three family

This unfortunate family is a resident of Dulat Patti. Prem Singh, the elder of the family, died on October 15 in the family. The next day, his 26-year-old grandson Gurwinder Singh also succumbed to dengue.

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Before Prem Singh’s orgasm, his son Didar Singh Dari also died of dengue on October 22. Not only that, it is being reported that other members of this family have also fallen victim to dengue and are undergoing treatment.

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