Dell announced the layoff of more than 6.5 thousand employees, this was the reason


Computer devices maker Dell has announced a large number of layoffs. The tech giant is going to lay off more than 6.5 thousand employees. The company says that due to low demand for personal computers, its revenue has decreased, due to which it has to reduce its workforce. Dell is the latest name among the giant tech companies that have pulled out a large number of employees recently.

Dell Technologies has announced to reduce its workforce. The company has asked 6650 employees to show the way out of the company. Bloomberg’s Report According to, the company’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Clarke informed the employees by writing a memo. In which it was said that the company’s position in the market is not very good and this decision has been taken in view of its uncertain future. It has also been said in the memo that despite the measures taken earlier to reduce the expenditure, despite the ban imposed on hiring and travel works, things are not being done.

Let us tell you that Dell has joined the latest name among those giant tech companies who have recently laid off thousands of employees. We told you in a report that in January 2023, more than 1 lakh people job Have lost At the same time, including the entire year of 2022 and the first month of 2023, more than 2.5 lakh people have lost their jobs. Among the companies that cut Microsoft, Amazonincluding big names like Goldman Sachs Group.

Due to rising interest rates and inflation, expenses have been reduced in the consumer and corporate world, the direct effect of which is seen in the form of decreasing demand for the products of the companies. last month Google Alphabet’s parent company has laid off 12,000 people. At the same time, Microsoft has also announced the removal of 10,000 employees. Apart from this, audio streaming company Spotify has also announced that it is going to reduce 6% of the workforce. To deal with the global recession, announcements of layoffs are continuously coming from small to big companies.

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