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Bureau report : A heart-wrenching news has come to light. A person destroyed his entire house and took his own life. This incident has come to light from Delhi’s Jyoti Colony, an employee working in Delhi Metro first killed his wife, then tried to kill his daughter, son, but he survived and finally ended his life. The reason behind this terrible step has not been revealed yet, but the post-mortem of the dead bodies is being conducted.

Information about the incident given over the phone to a friend

The information about the incident was received by calling PCR at 12 noon, an employee of Delhi Metro said that when he reached the office to meet his fellow employee Sushil Kumar, 43 years old, he was not found. was crying Sushil said that he has killed all the family members. Police reached Sushil Kumar’s house as soon as they got the information about the incident, three dead bodies were found in the house, according to Additional Police Commissioner Shahdara Rohit Meena, Sushil Kumar’s body was hanging. His wife Anuradha and 6-year-old daughter were attacked with knives. The bodies of both of them were found inside the house, the police said that Sushil attacked his 13-year-old son with knives, but he survived. Son is undergoing treatment at GTB hospital. But he told how the father killed his mother and sister one by one but when they came to kill him, he started running away but the father injured him.

Police said that Sushil Kumar worked as a supervisor at East Vinod Nagar depot of DMRC, Forensic Science Laboratory teams reached the spot to see the incident, from preliminary investigation it seems that Sushil Kumar killed his wife and daughter. Then he took his breath. Further investigation is ongoing.


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