Decision of Wildlife Board

A weapon used to hunt crop-destroying animals in Punjab has been modified. This decision has been taken by the Punjab State Wildlife Board. According to this, now animals can be hunted only with a 315 bore rifle. Earlier, cattle were attacked with 12-bore weapons.

There has been a change in the rules related to the ammunition license issued by the Punjab State Wildlife Board for the 315 bore rifle. Now the license will be issued in the name of the land owner. This license shall be valid for one year only. It is clear that the landlord has to renew his license every year. Apart from this, the zamindar will have to deposit the carcass of the animal with the Punjab State Wildlife Board Department after hunting.

Pigs and nilgai cause more damage to crops
Paramjit Singh, Divisional Forest Officer of Pathankot, said that the most damage to crops in Punjab is caused by pigs and nilgans. Earlier, the government used to issue permits to the landowners for crop protection. Any authorized person could have taken this permit on the basis of the person concerned but now the Punjab government has amended the rules.

As per the revised rules, the permit will now be issued only to the affected landowner, but he will have to use a 315 bore rifle instead of 12 bore for hunting.

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