Death of Punjabi father and son in America, doctor to son

Kapurthala Family death in Road Accident: A young doctor from Kapurthala and his lawyer father died in a road accident in the US city of Fresno. After completing his studies, the young doctor was going to a party with his family to celebrate his degree. Father and son died in this road accident while the doctor’s mother was seriously injured in the road accident.

The deceased have been identified as father-son advocate Kulwinder Singh Hanspal and his son Sukhwinder Singh of village Boparai in Bhulath area of ​​Kapurthala. While Kulwinder Singh Hanspal’s wife Balbir Kaur has been seriously injured in this road accident.

Giving information in this regard, the brother of the deceased, Harjinder Singh, a resident of Boparai village, said that Kulwinder Singh Hanspal was living in America with his wife and child for the last 15 years. On May 10, Kulwinder Singh along with his son Sukhwinder Singh and wife Balveer Kaur were going to a party in their car to celebrate the completion of their son’s doctorate degree.

Meanwhile, another car’s tire burst on the way and the car collided with his car. Due to which the balance of his vehicle got disturbed and the vehicle overturned and in the accident his son Sukhwinder Singh died on the spot, while Kulwinder Singh was taken to the hospital where he died 2 days later.

Harjinder Singh said that Balbir Kaur was seriously injured in this road accident and is still admitted in the hospital. Due to the death of father and son in this road accident in America, there is a wave of mourning in the village.

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