Dealerships hide these things from customers when selling cars!


When you go to buy a car, the showroom gives you all the information about the car including the model of the car, its price, features and mileage etc. However, despite giving too much information, sometimes some cars Dealerships of companies They do not share information with customers that may be beneficial to them. If you also feel that car companies give you all the information, it doesn’t happen at all. So in such a situation, today we are going to tell you the same facts that car companies will not tell you.

Although not the festive season, most cars are discounted. This includes cash discounts, extended warranties, servicing or accessories. However, sometimes companies do not give you these important details. Sometimes dealerships do not make offers, which is detrimental to customers. You may still think that car companies sell cars at a fixed price, which is not true. In fact, the car does not have a fixed price, so bargaining can always be done at dealerships when buying a car. You can get a discount of Rs 10,000 or more on the price of the car, but it depends entirely on your negotiation.

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