‘Dangal Girl’ first appeared after saying goodbye to Bollywood

zaira waseen share first photo : Actress Zaira Wasim, who made her mark in Bollywood as ‘Dangal Girl’, has now said goodbye to Bollywood. Zeira’s sudden decision to quit the industry, citing religious beliefs All Surprised. Since then, Zeira has completely disappeared from social media and limelight. Recently, Zeira shared her picture for the first time since making this decision.

This picture of Zaira Wasim is going viral on social media. Well, Zaira Wasim is active on social media. But she does not share her pictures on social media. Zeira shares some life-related quotes and videos and pictures related to religion. Recently, Zeira shared a picture of herself for the first time in a long time. However, Zeira’s face is not visible in this photo. Zeira Wasim shared this photo through her official Instagram account. In this picture, Zeira Wasim is wearing a burqa. This picture is also taken from behind Zeira, in which the face is not visible at all.

In the picture, Zeira is standing on a bridge and watching the nature from there. Sharing the photo, Zeira wrote in the caption, ‘The hot sun of October. This picture of Zeira Wasim is going viral on social media. This picture of Zeira Wasim is being liked by her fans. At the same time, many Zeira fans are commenting on this picture. Talking about Zeira’s decision, a lot of people are commenting on her and praising her. Commenting on the photo, a social media user wrote, “May Allah accept your sacrifice. “Besides, a lot of Zeira’s fans are happy to see her after a long time.

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