Daily these 4 activities will make health wonderful, WHO’s advice, be it children or adults, do this work for 60 minutes


Physical Activities for Health: Due to the corona epidemic, many diseases have increased rapidly due to being locked in homes for a long time and less or no physical activities. Not only mental stress and depression but physically diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer have surrounded people. This is the reason that now the World Health Organization has issued necessary guidelines to prevent these diseases and has advised people to do any of the 4 activities they like daily.

In this stressful life, it is necessary to keep both mind and body healthy. If even one of these goes bad, it affects both. Diseases arise and they also become the cause of death. WHO Guidelines It is said that whether it is elderly, children or adults, if they do 60 minutes of physical activity daily, then about 5 million deaths can be prevented every year around the world.

What do the guidelines say
WHO guidelines state that non-communicable and chronic diseases are being caused due to poor lifestyle. People’s physical activity has been greatly affected since Corona. Whereas physical activities are necessary for the health of both body and mind.

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These 4 activities are the treasure of health
WHO guidelines state that people should do aerobic based activities daily. These are the four.

, run
, jump or cycle
, play any outdoor sport
, dancing

WHO says that if you do any one, two or all of these 4 for at least 60 minutes daily, then it is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Apart from this, people who do housework, gardening, daily watering of plants, cleaning, walking, etc., are also beneficial to a great extent.

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