Czechia Wants EU to Impose Movement Restrictions on Russian Diplomats


The Czech authorities have called on the European Union to consider imposing movement restrictions on Russian diplomats entering the Schengen Area.

During this year’s first meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council, which was held in Brussels on January 22, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechia, Jan Lipavský, expressed the country’s support for the preparation of the next EU sanctions package against Russia.

The same further proposed that as part of the sanctions package, the EU restricts the movement of Russian diplomats within the area, reports.

Minister Lipavský said that rules limiting the movement into the Schengen Area should not only be imposed against Russian diplomats but also against their family members.

In this context, Czechia proposes to establish the restriction of the movement of Russian diplomatic mission staff and their family members only to the territory of the state where they are accredited.

Foreign Affairs Minister of Czechia, Jan Lipavský

Minister Lipavský further emphasised that it is inappropriate for Russian diplomats to exploit the privileges of entering the area and, at the same time, stressed that Czechia is committed to making every effort to have their proposal incorporated into the 13th package of sanctions.

It is not right for Russian diplomats to take advantage of the Schengen area. We will do our utmost to ensure that our proposal is included in the 13th sanctions package.

Foreign Affairs Minister of Czechia, Jan Lipavský

During the Foreign Affairs Council, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that attention was also paid to the current situation in Ukraine.

The Ministry said that in the EU foreign ministers’ deliberations regarding the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the focus was directed toward the importance of continuing to provide military and financial assistance for Ukraine.

The ministers highlighted that the national security of Ukraine is connected to the security of the European Union emphasising the need for unwavering support.

Commenting on the matter as well as on the current situation in Ukraine, Minister Lipavský stressed that it is very important to extend financial and military support to Ukraine.

Ukraine’s security is intertwined with our own. Hence, it is essential to persist in extending military and financial aid to Ukraine in its resistance against Russian aggression.

Foreign Affairs Minister of Czechia, Jan Lipavský

The 13th package of sanctions against Russia is expected to be introduced soon. Similar to the others, the package will most likely include restrictions targeting persons and entities.


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