Customs seizes two watches worth Rs 5 crore


Team India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya is facing increasing difficulties. The player is struggling for form on the field but is also in trouble outside. In fact, when Hardik Pandya returned from the UAE with the rest of the team, the customs department confiscated two of his watches at the Mumbai airport. The value of these watches is said to be Rs 5 crore.

Hardik Pandya watches seized
Hardik Pandya watches seized

It is said that Hardik did not have a bill for these watches nor did he show these watches as a custom item. Due to which their watches have been confiscated by the customs department. It is worth mentioning that Hardik has already been in the news for his precious watches.

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Last year, Hardik’s brother Colonel was also stopped at the Mumbai airport on his way back from Dubai. They had gold and other valuables. Which was not disclosed. The colonel had gold worth Rs 1 crore and some other luxury watches which were not disclosed in the documents.

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