CRUT Gets the Sustainable Transport Award Honourable Mention by ITDP


Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT), the pioneer Transport Authority of Odisha will be getting yet another international recognition on 8th February 2023 at 7:30 PM (IST). While Paris bagged the award as the winner, Bhubaneswar in India along with State of Jalisco, Mexico got the honorary mentions. The award for Bhubaneswar being bestowed with the honorary mention goes to CRUT, which runs Mo Bus and Mo E-Ride services. The Sustainable Transport Award (STA) honours cities globally that exemplify ground-breaking solutions in sustainable urban mobility.

ITDP is a global organization, headquartered in New York at the forefront of innovation, using technical expertise, direct advocacy, and policy guidance to mitigate the impacts of climate change, improve air quality, and support prosperous, sustainable, and equitable cities. Which has worked with over 100 cities in more than 40 nations to design and implement transport and urban development systems and policy solutions that make cities more viable, fair, and livable.

Sustainable Transport Award (STA) quotes, โ€œBhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha State in India, has been working to strengthen and modernize its public transport services with a focus on user experience, gender equity, and providing more connected mobility options. The city began working with private sector partners in 2018 to streamline the operation of its holistically designed city bus network system and integrate it with other essential transport services. This bus system is branded as โ€œMon busโ€ and works to improve city bus service connectivity for people of the urban clusters where it operates in the State.

Following the pandemic, Bhubaneswar has also been focused on revitalizing its tourism industry and increasing transit ridership by evaluating user needs and responding to key health and environmental issues, such as air quality and pollution. The city has prioritized improvements to its transport infrastructure to make it more accessible, including notable expansions of its city bus service (Mo Bus including the introduction of E-Buses) and E-Rickshaw service (Mo E-Ride) that put a spotlight on safety, sustainability, and last-mile connectivity.โ€

โ€œIt’s a matter of Pride to get such recognition for the State. We would continue doing the good work and bring in new initiatives with the support of our State Government to enhance sustainable public transport system in the State,โ€ said Shri Vijay AmrutaKulange, Managing Director, CRUT.

โ€œIt feels great when all the hard work of the team gets acknowledged in the form of any kind of recognition Nationally and Internationally. I would like to thank our State Government for its constant support, which has helped us to bring positive changes in the State’s public transit system with improvised user experience, gender inclusivity, safety and accessibility. When efforts get recognition, it fills us with pride and makes us walk the extra mile to provide the best commuter experience,โ€ said Ms DiptiMahapatro, General Manager CRUT.

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