Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record for most goals scored in history

The world’s best footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has made history. In fact, Ronaldo has become the highest scoring player in international football.

cristiano ronaldo become the most goal

Ronaldo has achieved this feat by breaking the record for most goals scored by former Iran striker Ali Dei. Ronaldo holds the record for most goals scored in a World Cup qualifier against Ireland. Ronaldo is happy with this very special achievement. “I am very happy, not only because I broke the record but also because of the special moments we had,” Ronaldo said. It is very difficult to score two goals in the last moments of the match but I have to appreciate what the team did. We maintained faith until the end. Ronaldo scored his first goal for Portugal at the 2004 European Championships.

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Ronaldo’s two goals helped Portugal beat Ireland 2-1. Portugal’s victory could have been 3-1 but Ronaldo was unable to convert a penalty corner. However, at the beginning of the match, the Irish team had the lead. John Egan gave Ireland the lead in the 45th minute. But Ronaldo managed to get Portugal back in the last minute. Ronaldo then scored his 110th goal in the 89th minute to level the score for Portugal. With this goal, Ronaldo also broke Ali Dei’s record of scoring the most goals with 109 goals. Ronaldo then scored his 111th goal in the 180th match at injury time to seal Portugal’s victory.

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