Crisis on Afghan Sikhs, will have to convert to Islam or leave the country

Afghan Sikhs, who were already in trouble before the Taliban regime, are now in big trouble. A report has emerged that Afghan Sikhs are being pressured to either convert to Islam or leave the country if they are to remain in Afghanistan.

Crisis on Afghan Sikhs

A large number of Sikhs live in Kabul, while some live in Ghazni and Nangarhar provinces. According to reports, Sikhs are being told to either convert to Sunni Islam or leave the country. According to the International Forum for Rights and Security, thousands of Sikhs used to live in Afghanistan, but over the years, many have been killed or displaced by violent religious violence.

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There have been many violent anti-Sikh attacks in Afghanistan. An Afghan Sikh leader was abducted by “terrorists” in June last year. In March 2019, a Sikh man was abducted and killed in Kabul.

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There, in Kandahar, a Sikh man was shot dead by unidentified gunmen. Sikhs have been living in Afghanistan for centuries but for decades the government there has failed to provide or restore the homes of Sikhs.

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