Corona variant Omicron arrives in 14 countries, central government says “no case in India yet”

The new variant of the Corona, Omicron, has raised concerns around the world. Meanwhile, good news has come out from India. In fact, the Union government told Parliament on Tuesday that no new case of corona has been reported in India so far.

no case of omicron variant reported

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandvia told Parliament that the Union government was taking all possible steps to ensure that the corona did not reach India. He said that the Center has issued advice in view of new forms around the world. In addition, ports are being closely monitored. Genome sequencing of suspected corona cases is being carried out. During Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha, the Health Minister said that so far cases of Omicron variant of Corona have been reported in 14 countries. He said that it was also being studied in India. But so far not a single case of this variant has come to light in the country.

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“We need to be careful about this virus,” he said. “We have learned a lot during the Corona epidemic,” Mandvia said. We now have the tools and labs to test. So far not a single case of Omicron has been reported in India and all steps are being taken. ” The WHO has declared Omicron a matter of concern. According to the health minister, the corona epidemic is under control in India at present but the country is not free from the disease. We must follow the rules.

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