Coriander works like a detergent for kidney, regular consumption, experts know its other benefits



To keep the kidney, the main organ of the body healthy, it is necessary to take a diet rich in nutrients.
Patients with increased potassium should avoid green coriander juice, it is necessary to take doctor’s advice.

Green coriander cleanses the kidney: The changing lifestyle is proving fatal for humans in many ways. The run-of-the-mill life is leaving us far behind in taking care of our health. If we talk about kidney, the main part of our body, then it is very important to take care of it. However, many people take nutritious diet including papaya, barley flour to keep the kidney healthy. But do you know that green coriander is very helpful for better kidney cleaning. That’s why regular consumption of coriander is necessary. So come to King George’s Medical University Lucknow Dietician Kajal Tiwari Let us know how to consume it.

this is how it works
Kajal Tiwari told that people use radish, papaya and barley flour to keep the kidney healthy. Out of these nutrients, green coriander is also rich in these things. Green coriander not only reduces the level of creatinine, but also reduces serum urea and urea nitrogen in the blood. Actually, coriander contains an extract named Coriandrum sativum which improves histological lesions of the kidney. It exerts nephroprotective phytochemical activities with flavonoids and polyphenols and helps to cleanse the kidneys.

take care of it
According to dietician Kajal Tiwari, green coriander is rich in fiber, iron and magnesium, the consumption of which keeps our kidneys healthy. However, before doing this, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Because potassium level becomes high in many patients, then giving green coriander juice should be avoided in such a situation. After the advice of the doctor, if we start consuming it in our daily routine, then our problem can be cured.

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consume like this
To make kidney healthy, take green coriander and grind it well. After this add a little salt and lemon juice to it and then drink this juice. This juice will speed up the functioning of its cells along with going inside the kidney and cleaning it. You can drink green coriander juice on an empty stomach in the morning to cleanse the kidneys.

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many more benefits
Green coriander not only enhances the taste of our food and cleanses the kidneys, but it also promotes liver function and bowel movement. Apart from this, it is also helpful in increasing the metabolic rate of the stomach, due to which there is no problem of obesity. At the same time, it is helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

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