Copycat China redistributes design, duplicates this TVS bike


Neighboring China is known for copying products. Knows the Chinese market How to copy everything, be it a smartphone, a car, or a two-wheeler. Copies of all vehicles are often found in China.

The latest case concerns the TVS company’s bike Zepplin. Recently, a copy of the TVS company’s Zepplin bike was seen in China.

Copycat China redistributes design
Copycat China redistributes design

According to media reports, Chinese automaker Xianglong has recently unveiled its JSX500i bike.

Xianglong’s JSX500i looks almost identical to TVS Zepplin, it is worth noting that while TVS has not yet made the bike, Chinese company Xianglong has also introduced a production version. Its design looks exactly like the TVS company Zepplin bike.

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