Controversy over episode of KBC 13, channel removed promo, find out what’s the whole case

KBC amitabh bachchan promo: A promo was released on the channel’s official website regarding the episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati’s Mid Brain Activation. In this promo, Amitabh Bachchan is standing in front of a blindfolded girl. The girl claims that she will read the book by sniffing. Narendra Naik, president of the Federation of Indian Rationalists Association, wrote an open letter to the channel after seeing the promo.

KBC amitabh bachchan promo

This open letter describes how ‘Mid Brain Activation’ is used to fool parents. It would be a joke for the whole country to cover such things on national TV.

As soon as the open letter went viral, the channel removed this particular part from its episode Given Is The open letter states how sniffing a young girl’s book in this episode is just a scam, which many scientists on various platforms have termed as a non-scientific exercise.

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Rational Narendra Naik of Mangalore wrote in his open letter, “Broadcasting this unscientific practice on TV will mislead many parents in the country as well as such deceitful people, children.” People who claim to have increased brain power will have the opportunity to grow their business. Making such claims public can sometimes embarrass us on a global platform.

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