Comparing Nitish Kumar with Aurangzeb, Sushil Modi said to abp news – will do anything for the chair

Sushil Modi Exclusive: Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and BJP leader Sushil Modi talked about many issues including the politics of Bihar in the special program press conference of ABP News. On the question of breaking the alliance with JDU, he said that it is very difficult to understand the mind of Nitish Kumar. Even those working with him day and night cannot understand his mind. No one can understand what his next step will be. When he first broke the alliance with Lalu Yadav, they were surprised. Did the same this time, but we got the hints earlier.

Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi said that he was giving us signals for the last three-four months, but I was not sure that he would reunite with Lalu Yadav and Congress. That’s why I said then that the chicken will not go under the bell. We tried our best till the last minute. Home Minister Amit Shah himself had talked to Nitish Kumar about what statement Lalan Singh was giving. Then Nitish Kumar had said that do not pay attention to his statements, that is, till two days ago, he assured us, but then cheated. We are also surprised by Nitish’s decision.

“Nitish Kumar will do anything for the chair”

He said that I believe that Nitish Kumar is honest and hardworking. Although they can never be close to anyone. Just like Aurangzeb had done anything to stay in power, Nitish Kumar can and is doing anything to stay in power. Sushil Modi said that every person of the country can become the Prime Minister, but if the leader of a regional party becomes the PM, then this country will not have bad luck. Although I think this will not happen now, that era is gone.

“Nitish Kumar’s ambition broke down”

Sushil Modi said that I had already come to Delhi and told the central leadership of the party that the coalition government in Bihar would not last for five years. There are three reasons for this whole incident. First Nitish Kumar’s ambition. He has been the Chief Minister and a strong leader for so long, his ambition has been to become something else, so he keeps making noises from time to time. The second reason is the jealousy of Lalan Singh. If he does not become a Union Minister, then what should we do in this? When Nitish Kumar had given the name of RCP Singh, he was made a minister.

“Lalan Singh is the biggest villain of this incident”

Sushil Modi said that JDU leader Lalan Singh had decided since then that I will ruin this government, will not let it run. He is the biggest villain of this event. Nitish Kumar lives under his pressure. I don’t know why they are under pressure now. He said the third reason is distraction. RJD feels that if they had got some more seats, they would have formed their own government. Lalu Yadav’s son would have become the Chief Minister, but this did not happen. Lalu Yadav felt that now somehow my son should come to power. RJD was anxious to come to power. So these are the three reasons to topple this government.

“Good that I got out of this swamp”

Did BJP make JDU uncomfortable on many issues including census, Agniveer scheme? On this, Sushil Modi said that the party had tried its best not to spoil the atmosphere, but the situation kept on deteriorating and the alliance broke up. Sushil Modi said that even if I lived in Patna, nothing would have changed because I do not even understand Nitish Kumar. It is good that I came out of this quagmire and reached Rajya Sabha.

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