Coming on this special day, India’s most magnificent electric scooter will run 240Km on a single charge.


magnificent electric scooter: Demand for electric vehicles is steadily increasing in India, including around the world. In such a situation, all the companies in the country and abroad with their electricity concept to the domestic customers Trying to seduce Are doing. The company has announced on its official social media that it is going to launch the scooter in the market on August 15, the day of Independence Day.

magnificent electric scooter
magnificent electric scooter

Importantly, the General Energy Research and Development Center is also in Bangalore city and under this scheme the company is also setting up its first manufacturing plant here. For this reason, the ‘simple energy’ electric two-wheeler maker will first launch its scooter in Bangalore. It’s only been a short time since the company made a major investment in this power project, which has given the project a boost.

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