CM Mann said, ‘This is the biggest agreement’

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Thursday informed about the solar power purchase agreement signed by PSPCL. He described this purchase agreement of 1200 MW solar energy as the biggest deal. He said that an agreement of 1000 MW has been made with Green Energy Limited, a company of BBMB under the Government of India (SJVN) at a rate of Rs 2.53 per unit.

The Chief Minister said that the company had offered Rs 2.75 per unit for 200 units in Hoshiarpur. For the first time, the Swiss Challenge method for counter bidding has been implemented. The company had earlier bid Rs 2.59 per unit, but PSPCL cut it by 6 paise.

He said that by saving one penny on a 1000 MW solar power plant, an amount of 64 crore 60 lakh rupees is made in 25 years. Whereas if the state government reduces six paise, then in 25 years there will be a saving of Rs 387 crore.

83 lakh units are produced daily
CM Mann said that a total of 83 lakh units will be produced at the rate of 202 rupees 53 paise per day. He said that getting electricity at a cheap rate will ease the supply. PSPCL has also floated more tenders for 2500 MW solar plants for India and Punjab projects to provide more power to tubewells in the agriculture sector.

The Akali-Congress government’s electricity deal is expensive
CM Mann, while showing the electricity agreement signed in the Akali government from April 2007 to March 2017, said that its rate is Rs 8.74 per megawatt. Somewhere it is Rs 8.52 per unit and somewhere Rs 7.67 per unit. He also mentioned the names of various companies. At only one place was the contract quoted at Rs 4.82 per unit and Rs 4.73 per unit.

2500 MW power contract maximum Rs 2.75 per unit
CM Mann said that in the month of April, 700 MW electricity contract renewed from 2017 to 2022 during the tenure of 951 MW Congress government under a ten-year agreement was also declared expensive. Along with this, the price of the 2500 MW power agreement made now was only Rs 2.33 to 2.75 per unit. He said that cheap agreements have been made with other states. The price will not increase or decrease in this time frame.

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