CM Mann inaugurated Patiala new bus stand


Bhagwant Mann inaugurated New Bus Stand of Patiala: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann inaugurated the newly constructed bus stand of Patiala on Tuesday. The bus stand has been made royal. It has 4 lifts, ramp-stairs and 45 counters. CM Mann said that 1500 buses will run from this bus stand built at a cost of Rs 60 crore.

These special facilities will be found in the new bus stand

CM Mann said that the new bus stand has both ramps and stairs for the disabled. Shops will also be opened at the bus stand and many other facilities including drinking water will be made available. About 60 crore rupees have been spent on the new bus stand built on 8.25 acres of land. But in the near future, the deficiencies that will come to light in the operation of the bus stand will also be removed. Mann said that the old bus station will also remain operational.

Along with this, CM Mann said that a special resting place has been made for bus drivers and conductors at the bus stand. Because most road accidents happen due to lack of rest. Because of this, their comfort and food have been given first priority. There was also talk of building more such bus stands in the near future.

AAP’s work got votes

Bhagwant Mann said that those talking about electricity bills, schools, Mohalla clinics, roads, pools, growing businesses and farmers have got votes in Jalandhar. The parties which did not get votes have sought votes in the name of caste and religion. While asking ‘AAP’ to vote for Punjab and development.

Mann said that the work related to the demand letter received for the last one and a half months will be completed soon. He said that the change in the timings of government offices has been appreciated all over the world. Along with this, many other schemes of the party and their benefits were also counted.

Addressing those people, he called Congress-BJP and Akali Dal leaders arrogant. He said that the arrogance of the leaders of the old governments was so much that they used to show their shoes to the people while sitting on the platform. Development works are being seen in Punjab after a long time.

Now every day one or the other new scheme is being inaugurated. The government is solving people’s problems by asking them questions. People are also giving blessings and saying that after 20 years they are seeing Jiri ki Paneeri canal flowing with water.

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