Chess player Mallika Handa accuses Punjab govt of not fulfilling promise – On Air 13


Chess player and world champion Jalandhar’s dumb and dumb chess player Malika Handa is very angry these days. He is angry with the Punjab government. The state government had promised him a government job and a cash reward. But not fulfilled.

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Malika Handa has posted a video on her Twitter handle. “I am just sad,” he wrote in the post. I met the Punjab Sports Minister on December 31. “The Punjab government cannot give you a job,” he said. No cash reward can be given. Because the government has no policy for deaf sports.

“The former sports minister had announced a cash prize for me,” she wrote. I also have the invitation that I was invited to. But because of Kovid, the matter was put on hold. When I told this to the present Sports Minister Pargat Singh, he made it clear that it was a promise of the former Minister. I have not made any such announcement. The government cannot do anything.

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Malika then asked, “I am just asking why the announcement was made when it was not going to be completed.” My five years in the Congress government were wasted. He fooled me. They don’t care about dumb players. The District Congress also told me that the promises made five years ago were meaningless. Why is the Punjab government doing this?