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Mansa: Like every Sunday, while addressing the people who reached their home in village Musewala, Sidhu Musewala’s mother Charan Kaur said that last May 29, Sidhu’s death anniversary was celebrated, which was a black day for Punjabis living in Punjab and abroad.

Along with this, he thanked the people and said that he is grateful to those people who have stood by his family in the last one year and on the occasion of Sidhu’s death anniversary together with them appealed for justice for Sidhu.

Responding to SP Malhotra, the policeman who accused Sidhu said that those people should be ashamed. He said that these people are repeatedly associating Sidhu with gangsterism. Mata Charan Kaur said that the government and the administration have full knowledge about who is behind Sidhu’s murder but then they have spent a year on this case.

Mata Charan Kaur lashed out at the Punjab government and said that the Aam Aadmi Party government has not done any other work in the state apart from fighting among themselves and has never talked about any issue. Charankaur said that if the state government gives up the fights and focuses on Punjab, then there is no need for them to ask for votes.

He said that since last one year they have been demanding justice for their son from the government but till now they have not got justice. Sidhu’s mother Charan Kaur said, “One year has passed since my son’s murder. She said that she will keep reminding the governments until Sidhu gets justice.

Without naming anyone, he said that after seeing Sidhu’s shows one after another, some singers filed an FIR against Sidhu so that Sidhu can be stopped from doing shows. He said that Mansa’s singer had also signed to file a complaint against Sidhu. He said that even though Sidhu knew the names of those artists, he never spoke anything against them and never took their names.

Charan Kaur accused the singers and the government and said that Sidhu was murdered shortly after the government was formed. He alleged that the gangsters have no hand in this matter because the governments and the artists have kept the gangsters, whatever happens they do on their cues.

He said that until the killers and conspirators of Sidhu Moosewala are punished, our fight for justice will continue.


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