Chance of heavy rain in Punjab on March 30-31


Weather Punjab: Throughout March, the northern half of India witnessed several clusters of unseasonal rains, interspersed with dry days and high daytime temperatures. Now, the latest forecasts suggest that this unusual weather will end March and extend into the month of April.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), a fresh western disturbance will start affecting northwest India from Wednesday (March 29) night, with the system expected to strengthen by Friday (March 31).

Under the influence of these meteorological factors, a fresh spell of fairly widespread to widespread rain and/or thundershowers is likely over northwest India from Thursday (March 30).

Besides, isolated hailstorm is likely over Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and West Uttar Pradesh on Thursday and Friday.

In view of these forecasts, a yellow watch has been issued for the above states and territories for the forecast period of 3 days, to urge local people to stay ‘updated’ about severe weather. Rajasthan, however, will remain on orange alert (meaning ‘be prepared’) on Thursday.

After last week’s rain and hailstorm in Rajasthan, standing crops were damaged in many parts of the state. The coming spell of rain and hail could cause similar havoc, although on a wider scale, Punjab and Haryana are also in the firing line.

Therefore, farmers who have already harvested their crops have been asked to store them in dry and moisture-proof places to prevent rotting.

Meanwhile, intensification of Western Disturbance and an induced cyclonic circulation may also bring rain to Delhi-NCR between Thursday and Saturday.

Due to wet weather, maximum temperatures are likely to remain below normal in North India over the next five days, with a significant drop in Delhi and its surrounding areas on Friday and Saturday. The overnight minimum, on the other hand, may remain normal or lean towards the warm side, the Met team of Weather Channel India indicated.

Meanwhile, the best indicator of the unseasonality of these rains is the heavy rainfall recorded by the northwestern states. Between March 1 and 27, Rajasthan (15.40 mm), Punjab (54 mm) and Haryana (33 mm) recorded 285%, 157% and 141% above normal rainfall, respectively. Uttarakhand (59 mm) received an ‘excess’ rainfall of 22%, while Himachal Pradesh (63.90 mm) received a deficit of 38%.

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