CES 2022: LG’s new transparent OLED display at the latest display innovation


LG recently made public information about the next-generation OLED EX technology, which is set to be unveiled during CES 2022. Not only this, the company has announced that it will introduce the latest display innovation during CES 2022 under the theme โ€œDisplay Your Universeโ€. In the list of display innovation, the company is going to bring a lot to this event. This includes innovations like ‘Virtual Ride’ from the new transparent OLED display.

LG Display recently launched its next generation OLED EX. Information was provided. According to the company, this technology will provide 30 percent more brightness than ordinary OLED displays. Apart from this, this picture also boosts the accuracy. Also, the bezels will be reduced from 6mm to 4mm. LG is about to include OLED EX technology in all its OLED panels, starting from the second quarter of 2022.


Apart from this, the company will also introduce the transparent OLED display during CES 2022. With this innovation, the company will come with a transparent OLED display similar to a regular glass, through which it can be seen. However, despite being transparent, there will be no compromise on the picture quality in this display.

The company’s next innovation will be the ‘Virtual Ride’, which will be an indoor stationary bicycle with three vertically curved 55-inch OLED displays at the front and top. With this virtual ride, you can ride a bicycle sitting at home.

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