CEO fires 900 employees at 3-minute zoom call


An Indian-origin CEO of an American company has fired more than 900 employees during a webinar hosted by Zoom. The company has about nine percent of laid-off employees.

indian origin ceo of us company
indian origin ceo of us company

The CEO fired the employees citing market efficiency, performance and productivity. According to a report, during an ‘online meeting’ at Zoom, CEO Vishal Garg abruptly announced the dismissal of nine percent of his employees. Mortgage Lender offers a variety of services to homeowners, including home loans. Garg cited market efficiency, performance and productivity as the reasons for the layoffs, the report said.

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“If you are in this webinar, you are part of the unfortunate group that is being sorted out… you are being fired with immediate effect,” he said. According to the report, the CEO said that the webinar included 900 employees who were fired just before the start of the holiday. The CEO said that the employees will receive an e-mail from the human resources department containing information about benefits and dismissal.

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