Brother and sister went to school, but one came back safely, the other was in this condition!


Bureau Report: A very painful news has come out in Batala. The parents had sent the siblings to school together but one returned home alive and the dead body of the other came home. When the news of the death of the 5-year-old brother reached the family, they were shocked. The negligence of the driver of the school bus in which the deceased child, Harjit Singh, was coming home with his sister, caused him to take his life.

The deceased, Harjit Singh, was studying in the nursery class at the Central Public School in Batala and the accident took place when the school bus reached Cheema Khuddi to drop the children home. Unfortunately, 5-year-old Harjit fell under his own school bus. The family has alleged that due to the negligence of the driver, his son died.

The child died due to negligence

According to Davinder Singh, father of 5-year-old deceased Harjit Singh, his son went to school with his 10-year-old sister Sahajpreet Kaur. After the holiday on Friday, when the school bus came to drop off the two children, they were getting off the bus, the daughter got off the bus first, as soon as brother Harjit started to get off, the driver drove the bus without seeing, due to which Harjit fell down and the tire went flat. came Due to which Harjit died. The father alleged that the school administration was responsible for the fact that no one was present in the bus to get the children off the bus. Therefore, action should be taken against them.

SP Rajesh Kattar and SHO Baljit Kaur of Sri Har Gobindpur reached as soon as they got the information about the incident. The bus has been impounded by the police and an investigation has been started. The police will also inquire from the school along with the driver as to why no one was present when the children were finally dropped from the bus.

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