Breaking: T20 World Cup: Rs 1,000 crore bet on India-Pakistan match


India’s first match in the Twenty20 World Cup is set to be against Pakistan on Sunday and the eyes of the world are on the match. Immediately after the toss, the figure could reach Rs 1,500 crore to Rs 2,000 crore.

Dubai has a large number of bookies from across the country. One of the biggest bookies in Dubai also gave some information about the betting rate and favorite team on condition of anonymity. India’s current rate is 57.58. Through the online betting site, all the big, small and high profile bookmakers across the country have placed crores of rupees on this match.

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B. Was. Was. I. Senior officials from the ICC’s anti-corruption unit are currently in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, monitoring every match. A senior official of the BCCI’s anti-corruption unit has also spoken to us on the matter. “Our officials and local agencies are monitoring every activity, including the safety of the players,” he said.

He did not comment on the Rs 1,000 crore betting. Police across the country, especially the crime branch cyber units, are also keeping an eye on all the sites where online betting rackets are operating. It is a betting website operating out of India, with millions of bets being placed on it. The match between India and Pakistan is being played in Dubai and the underworld is also watching the match.


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