Bones become weak due to lack of protein, follow these tips from doctors Bones become weak due to lack of protein, Know full details in Punjabi Punjabi news


Health News. in the body calcium (Calcium) Deficiency causes bones to become weak. In severe cases, there is also a risk of bone loss. Doctors say that from an early age, the body builds bones using calcium and phosphate. If the amount of calcium in the body is not correct, the bones become weak. Due to which there is a risk of getting many diseases later. 1000 mg of calcium is needed every day for strong bones.

For this it is important to take care of the diet. Greens in food Leafy vegetables(Leafy vegetables) Fish, whole grains, bread, soy milk and almonds should be consumed. These are foods that contain good amounts of calcium. A person who regularly includes these foods in his diet does not have calcium deficiency in his body.

Taking protein is also very important for the body

Dr. Indramani Upadhyay MPT (Ortho) HOD Healing Tree the hospital (Hospital) In a conversation with Tv9, told that apart from calcium, bones also become weak due to lack of protein. In such a situation, it is important to consume adequate amount of protein. This is because bones are made up of 50 percent protein. A lack of protein can weaken your bones. Apart from the diet of calcium and protein, you also have to take care of these things.

Weight should never be allowed to gain

It is important to keep your weight under control to keep your bones healthy. Being overweight increases the risk of osteoporosis. In such a case, it is important to keep the weight under control. For this it is necessary to take care of daily diet and exercise.

Stay away from all kinds of medicines

People who take anti-obesity drugs, anti-hair loss drugs or any type of steroids are at risk of developing bone diseases. In such a case, steroid intake should be avoided. If you are also doing this then consult the doctors for this.

Get full sleep

6 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary to strengthen bones. When we get enough sleep, growth hormones are produced in good quantity. Repair work in the body happens only during sleep and sleep is also necessary to keep our immune system strong. In such a situation, people are advised to sleep on time at night. Try to go to bed before 11 pm and get at least eight hours of sleep.