Bollywood News: Trolling actor Ram Charan’s wife Upasana cost him dearly, fans beat him up


Ram Charan: Ram Charan’s fans beat up a man who was making false statements about his wife and other celebrities’ relatives. A violent video has surfaced on social media, in which fans are seen brutally beating a person.

Fans beat the man, asking the superstar to apologize.
According to the video, during an interview, this person named Sunisith made derogatory comments about Ram Charan and his wife Upasana, after which 7 fans of Ram Charan tracked down this person. After gathering information, it was found that Sunisith is known for making rude comments about actors on his YouTube channel. After finding the man, fans lashed out at him and asked him to apologize for his comments.

Posting the video, a fan page wrote – ‘Ram Charan’s fans thrash Sunisith for speaking wrong about Upasana. Now she will not be seen on social media again.

Fans have different opinions about the beating
Many other fans of Ram Charan also supported the violence in the video. Some people in the comment section said that he should have been treated like this. Not only this, one fan even wrote – ‘This kind of treatment will instill fear in people who think they can get away with talking nonsense.’

However, there were also many fans who protested the beating of the man. A Twitter user wrote – ‘I’m not supporting violence, yet why does this man need to talk nonsense? Doesn’t his family stop him? He is inviting trouble by talking unnecessarily against stars and their families.

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