Blast again in Realme XT! The company is investigating the matter


The news of the blast has come once again in Realme XT. A user posted this incident on Twitter. According to this post, the Realme XT phone exploded during use. The user has also posted a photo of the blasted phone on his Twitter handle. This is not the first incident of Reality XT being blasted. In June last year also there was a case of explosion in the same model.

On Twitter, user Sandeep Kundu shared the image of the blasted phone. Post are of. The user has written that the phone which has exploded belongs to his friend. In the shared image, the back panel of the phone looks quite burnt and the side panels are seen completely burnt.

The user says that when the phone exploded, his friend was using the phone and smoke started coming out of the phone. No injury or damage has been reported to the user in the incident.

In the shared photo, the effect of the blast is visible till the display of the phone, but it was saved from burning completely. Seeing the photo, it can be inferred that the blast in the phone must have happened from the battery side. In the photo, the back panel is seen to be badly damaged. A Twitter user has also posted a video of the aftermath of the blast. In this video, smoke is seen coming out of the phone kept on the bed.

Realme acknowledged the matter through its handle on Twitter and has offered to help. The company wrote on the Twitter handle, “We would like to inform you that we have contacted the owner of the phone and asked him to visit the nearest authorized service center. Please trust us, as soon as he visits us, we are on our side. I will fully help them in this matter.”

This is the second incident of blast in Reality phone which has come to the fore. There have been many incidents of phone blast in India even before this. These also include brand names like OnePlus and Poco.

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