Big shock! LPG has become so expensive that prices have skyrocketed


Expectations of cheaper LPG cylinders have been dashed today. Gas cylinder has gone up by Rs 100 from today. People were expecting Modi in the run up to the Assembly elections in five states, including Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, next year Government gasoline like petrol-diesel Will also make it cheaper.

Big shock
Big shock

The relief was that the increase was only in commercial cylinders. There has been no change in the price of domestic LPG cylinders. Petroleum companies have hiked the prices of commercial cylinders. It had gone up by Rs 266 last month and has now been increased by Rs 100.

Even today, the commercial cylinder in Delhi is over Rs 2,100. Two months ago, it was Rs 1,733. In Mumbai, a 19 kg cylinder costs Rs 2,051. At the same time, the price of a 19 kg indene gas cylinder in Kolkata has gone up to Rs 2,174.50. In Chennai, a 19-kg cylinder now costs Rs 2,234.

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