Big on cyber thugs, Haryana ranked first by blocking more than 20 thousand numbers

Haryana Cyber Crime: Haryana Police has blocked 20,545 mobile numbers issued on the basis of forged and fake documents in a crackdown on cyber fraud. Along with this, 40 specific villages of Haryana’s Jamtara-declared Mewat region and more than 34000 mobile numbers involved in cyber fraud across the state have been identified and reported.

Another 14,000 mobile numbers involved in cyber fraud will also be blocked soon through the Department of Telecom, Government of India. The state ranks first in blocking mobile numbers, with the highest number of SIMs from Andhra Pradesh. The State Crime Branch, the cyber nodal body, is currently monitoring all mobile numbers involved in cyber crime and taking reports from the districts on the above every day. Due to this, Haryana is currently at the first place in blocking mobile numbers used in cyber fraud.

A police spokesperson said that at present more attention is being paid to such areas and villages from where cyber fraud incidents are being carried out. Recently, Mewat, Bhiwani, Nuh, Palwal, Manota, Hassanpur, Hathan villages are among the 32 cybercrime hotspots mentioned by the central government in 9 states. It has been learned that recently the state government is not refraining from taking strict action against cyber criminals. A few days ago, 102 teams of 5000 police personnel of Haryana Police raided 14 villages of Mewat, which have become cyber centers.

In fact, Mewat got the advantage of being located on the border of the state. Apart from this, there is also an opportunity for cyber thugs to flee to neighboring states like Rajasthan and Delhi after committing the crime. Apart from this, while giving information, it was told that according to the report, the most mobile numbers involved in cybercrime have been issued from Andhra Pradesh and they are being used to commit cybercrime in the state.

Currently, out of total identified mobile numbers purchased on fake ID, 12822 from Andhra Pradesh, 4365 from West Bengal, 4338 from Delhi, 2322 from Assam, 2261 from North Eastern states and 2490 from Haryana state have been released. . All the numbers are currently running from different areas of Haryana, which have been written to the Department of Telecom to be blocked.

A Cyber ​​Coordination Center has been set up, officers of IPS rank will be Nodal Officers: ADGP, Head of State Crime Branch State Crime Branch, Additional Director General of Police O.P. Singh, IPS Said that currently 40 policemen are working day and night in the cyber helpline team of the state. Cyber ​​fraud complaints in the state are instantly updated on the portal to block suspicious mobile numbers. By blocking these SIMs purchased on fake and illegal documents, the plans of cyber thugs are being thwarted.

Haryana State Cyber ​​Coordination Center has been set up in the State Crime Branch in the State as per the directives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to prevent cyber fraud. IPS officer Hamid Akhtar, currently serving as DIG in the State Crime Branch, has been appointed as the nodal officer of this coordination centre. The Haryana State Cyber ​​Coordination Center (H4C) has been set up to create a database of cyber crooks in the state, check their bank accounts, mobile numbers and train police personnel regarding cyber crime.

Apart from this, the responsibility of implementing the Cyber ​​Helpline 1930 functioning in the state has also been given to this centre. Along with this, awareness programs about the method of cybercrime are also being run on social media. As soon as it was uploaded on the National Cybercrime Portal, the Telecom Department took action, giving information about the report sent by all the districts, the police spokesperson said that the Superintendents of Police of all the districts have been instructed to register the mobile numbers involved in cybercrime in the district according to the proforma. To inform the cyber nodal organization so that all those numbers can be uploaded.

A mobile number is uploaded on the cybercrime portal, DoT blocks or disables that number. Apart from this, the Cyber ​​Coordination Center has also released the training calendar for the entire year. Where investigation officers working on cyber crime in the state are being trained.

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