Big news for job seekers, the link to UAN without Aadhaar will stop then p. F. Money


Universal Account Number (UAN) must be linked to Aadhaar Card by November 30. If you have not yet linked your UAN number to the Aadhaar card, get it linked as soon as possible. If you do so by November 30 If not, you may face difficulties. If you do not link the EPFO โ€‹โ€‹and Aadhaar number by November 30, the company’s contribution to your account will be stopped. In addition, you may have trouble withdrawing money from the EPF account. If the EPF account holder’s account is not linked to Aadhaar, they will not be able to use EPFO’s services.

Big news for job seekers
Big news for job seekers

Here is the process:
1. First you go to EPFO โ€‹โ€‹Portal
2. Log in to your account using UAN and password.
3. Click on the KYC option in the โ€œManageโ€ section.
4. On the page that opens, you can see a number of documents to link to your EPF account.
5. Select the Aadhaar option and type your Aadhaar number and your name on the Aadhaar card and click on Save.
6. The information you provide will be protected, your base will be verified with UIDAI data.
7. If your KYC document is correct, your Aadhaar will be linked to your EPF account and you will get โ€œVerifyโ€ written in front of your Aadhaar details.

Big news for job seekers
Big news for job seekers

Under the EPFO โ€‹โ€‹Act, 12% of the employee’s basic salary and DA goes into the EPF account. It also contributes 12 per cent of the employee’s basic salary and DA. Of the company’s 12 per cent contribution, 3.67 per cent goes to the employee’s PF account and the remaining 8.33 per cent goes to the employee’s pension scheme. The EPF account is earning 8.50% per annum.

As soon as the employee is registered with the Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), the employee becomes a member of the organization and at the same time is issued a 12 digit UAN (Universal Account Number). With the help of this number EPFO โ€‹โ€‹facilities can be used online. With the help of UAN number, an employee can not only view his PF account passbook online, but also his PF balance online.

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