Benefits of vrikshasana or tree pose for kids.


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Yoga is not just a fitness trend, but has become a necessity today. Yoga has been considered a panacea for many major health problems. From giving relief from mental stress to bringing a natural glow to the face or rooting out internal problems, it has also been considered effective. The most important thing about yoga is that it is beneficial for people of all ages. Nowadays, the trend of yoga is also being seen in children.

Let us first know how yoga is beneficial for children –

According to the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, the habit of yoga in children is necessary for their better development. This increases flexibility in the body, develops muscles, increases focus and increases stress and work management skills.

Children must inculcate the habit of doing yoga for 20 to 30 minutes daily. This will help in their proper growth. The habit of yoga will help in maintaining energy in children.

Teach these 3 yogasanas for proper growth and fitness of children –

Vrikshasana is very effective. Image: shutterstock

Tree pose

The tree pose is especially good for children who are just learning to walk and run. Or any of the new things kids are learning to do with their feet. Yogasana can be like a game for them, where they do yoga considering themselves as adults.

teach like this

For this yoga, one has to stand straight at one place and lift one leg up and touch the upper part of the other leg. During this, it is necessary to strike a balance.

While teaching this yoga to children, hold one hand of the child. Also ask to come back to this posture after a few seconds.

Benefits of doing Vrikshasana

According to Yoga International, this yoga asana helps in strengthening the thighs, torso and shoulders. Also helps in balancing and strengthening the ankles, calves and abdominal muscles.

Downward facing dog

This yoga for kids will be like an easy game. Especially for those toddlers who during this time are closely learning everything around them.

teach like this

To do this yoga, keeping the hands on the floor, the upper part of the body has to be kept downwards. Now slowly lifting your lower part up, you have to keep the head between the hands. During this the head and eyes will be towards the feet. The lower part of the body has to be raised in such a way that the whole body is stretched.

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It also acts as an excellent stress buster. images shutterstock

Benefits of downward facing breathing

According to the yogi and founder of Akshar Yoga Research and Development Center, Adhomukha Svanasana helps in boosting immunity by improving blood flow. It also acts as an excellent stress buster.

Downward-facing dog pose provides full body stretching. It helps in strengthening the hands, wrists, hamstrings. This yoga asana also helps in reducing back pain. Also helps in strengthening the back, shoulders and waist.

Legs up the wall

Legs Up the Wall will be more like a game for kids. It’s not just exercise but kids Would be like permission to touch the wall. The funnier it sounds, the easier it is to try.

teach like this

To make it easier, ask the kids to lie flat on the yoga mat. Now teach body balance by keeping both feet on the wall. During this, while balancing both the hands will remain on the waist and the body will be in a straight position.

Benefits of Legs Up the Wall

Legs up the wall pose has many benefits. This helps in balancing the body. Due to which it can help in keeping both mind and body relaxed. This yoga asana can also help in increasing blood circulation. Also gives relief from lower back pain. This pose is most effective for toddlers.

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