Bela-Bahrampur road will be widened and strengthened


Bela-Behrampur Road: The Punjab government led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann will widen and strengthen the Bela-Bahrampur road under Rupnagar district at a cost of Rs 4.80 crore. Giving this information, Public Works Minister of Punjab Harbhajan Singh ETO. gave

He said that under the NABARD-28 scheme, widening and strengthening of Bela-Behrampur road (ODR-07) ​​will be done by the state government. He said that the length of this road is 8.05 km and the current width is 18 feet/24.5 feet. He said that the tender process has been started for this work and the target has been set to complete this work in 6 months.

The Cabinet Minister said that this road connects block Chamkaur Sahib, district Rupnagar with Machiwara, district Ludhiana. ETO said that due to increase in traffic on this road, its current condition has deteriorated due to which common people are facing a lot of difficulties. He said that the 18 feet section of this road will now be widened to 23 feet and the entire road will be B.C. will be found

Harbhajan Singh ETO further informed that according to the demand of the residents of Taprian Amar Singh, a village on this road, the road will be elevated near the village and a drain will be constructed so that rain water cannot stand on the road. The Cabinet Minister said that instructions have been issued to the concerned officials to complete this work on time.

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