Bathinda Vigilance arrested Manpreet Badal, got bail on the spot manpreet singh badal arrested by vigilance given bail on the spot in bathinda plot scam know full detail in punjabi Punjabi news

Former finance minister Manpreet Badal was arrested in the Bathinda plot scam on Tuesday i.e. today when he appeared before the Vigilance Bureau Bathinda. But they were also granted bail on the spot. After getting bail, Manpreet Badal spoke face to face with the media. Meanwhile, he demanded to hand over the investigation of his case to the CBI.

Manpreet Badal, who reached the Bathinda office after the second summon sent by the vigilance, stayed inside for a long time. During this time, he was arrested but he was also granted bail on the spot. After coming out of the vigilance office, during the conversation with the media, he sharply targeted the Hon’ble government of the state.

Talking to reporters, Manpreet said that he fully agrees that those who do public service and politics should definitely be accountable to the people. They welcome vigilance checks. But one cannot be declared a criminal by filling the form. Vigilance is the hand of the government. He demanded that his case should be given to CBI instead of vigilance.

Time changes it is never too late
If Vigilance calls me 100 times, I will come.
I have full confidence in the laws of India and the Punjab and Haryana High Court