Banks will be closed for 15 days due to festivals in August, four consecutive days off


If you have any important work to do in the bank this month, complete it this week. The festive season will begin once again in the coming days, causing a lot of bank employees There will be days off. In that case, then you may have to face difficulties.

Banks will be closed
Banks will be closed

According to a holiday issued by the Reserve Bank of India, banks will be closed for 15 days in August. Let me tell you that there are many big festivals like Onam, Rakshabandhan, Muharram this month. Due to which banks will be closed for several days. The first festival of the month is August 13. Banks will not be open in Imphal on this day due to Patriot Day. Banks will not be open for four consecutive days on Saturday, August 14, Sunday, August 15 and August 16 due to the Parsi New Year holidays. In that case, if you have an important task, deal with it quickly.

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