Bank holidays will last 12 days in June


Bank Holiday June 2023: If you too have decided to settle any pending bank work for June, be careful. Because even in the month of June, according to different states, around 12 bank holidays have been fixed.

RBI has released the list of holidays. So plan your bank work only by looking at the list of holidays. Otherwise the work is more likely to hang midway. However, now most of the banking related work is done online. But even today there are some works, which cannot be edited without going to the bank.

See the state-wise list of bank holidays in the month of June

Let us tell you that around 14 bank holidays have been fixed in the month of May as well. However, bank holidays are fixed state by state. So everyone need not worry. Because maybe you’re worried about the holidays. She must be from your state, right? Some national holidays are also common. Some holidays are also common in the month of June. However, most of the bank’s work these days can be completed even during holidays. But there are some functions like checkbook or high cash withdrawal. For which it is necessary to go to the bank.

Here is the holiday calendar for the month of June

Holiday across the country on June 4 Sunday
June 10, the second Saturday holiday across the country
June 11 Sunday
June 15, Thursday Raja Sankranti, Mizoram and Orissa region
June 18, Sunday, holiday across the country
June 20, Thursday, Rath Yatra, Orissa, Manipur State
June 24, the fourth Saturday, holiday across the country
25, weekend Sunday, holidays across the country
26 June spent worship, Tripura state only
June 28 Tuesday, Eid-ul-Azha, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala State
June 29 Thursday, Eid ul Azha, is a holiday across the country
June 30, Friday Reema Eid ul Azha

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