Bad news: Indian curator Mohan Singh found dead under suspicious circumstances


The unfortunate news has come out of the Super-12 match between Afghanistan and New Zealand being played at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. According to a Pakistani news channel, the body of pitch curator Mohan Singh has been found in a suspicious condition.

Indian curator Mohan Singh
Indian curator Mohan Singh

The cause of death has not yet been determined. But media reports are calling it suicide. The administration has launched an investigation to find out the reasons behind this. This match is very important for Team India. If Afghanistan loses this match, Team India will be eliminated from the semi-finals.

In such a situation, many questions have started to arise regarding this death. Mohan Singh (36) is a resident of India. Teams from Australia, England, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies have all played at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, with Mohan Singh taking all the wickets.

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After training as a curator at the Punjab Cricket Stadium, Mohali, Mohan moved to Abu Dhabi in September 2004, where he had been serving as Ground Supervisor since 1994. There he assisted coaches in many other sports, including tennis. Before turning his attention to cricket, he was fond of swimming.

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The World Cup match was played on March 17, 2007 between Pakistan and Ireland. In this match, Pakistan team lost badly. At the same time, he was eliminated from the World Cup. It was a big change. But the next day, the body of team coach Bob Woolmer was found. Her body was found in the bathroom of her hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica. He had no clothes on. After the death, Pakistani cricketers were called killers.


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