Attempt to hack the server of Patna’s IGIMS, work stalled for three hours, know the whole thing

Patna. An attempt was made to hack the server of IGIMS on Wednesday, due to which it has been down due to virus in the server. After this, many works of the hospital got interrupted. Where the online work came to a standstill for three hours, the patients had to wait for hours from examination to treatment. According to the information, this problem started from 8.30 am on Wednesday. Due to server down, its effect is being seen in the work of online appointment, money deposit and registration, patient recruitment, OPD registration, digital service, smart lab, billing and report generation. This problem continued for about three hours.

Manual registration of three thousand patients

Due to link failure, the hospital administration made an alternative arrangement. In view of the rush of patients in the OPD, spare parts for about 3,000 patients were made by hand. The work of manual registration continued till two o’clock as compared to 12:30 o’clock in the afternoon. According to the patients, if the server failed, then the maximum impact was on the registration of OPD. Because the registration through the system stopped due to server down.

Initially, the network was not coming on the computer, due to which the work was done manually. But due to the slow pace of work, the crowd at the registration counter increased. There was delay in treatment and some people could not reach OPD on time. In such a situation, the patients who were about to be discharged from the hospital also had to face trouble. Thousands of people from different places of Bihar including Patna come here daily for treatment.

The server was fixed by calling the technical team

Medical Superintendent of IGIMS Manish Mandal told that an attempt was made to hack the server of the hospital, due to which the virus went into the server. This caused the server to go down. Although the patients did not face any problem, therefore all the work from registration to registration was done manually. Registration and treatment were done for one and a half hours more than the scheduled time. The server was also repaired by calling the technical team.

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