As petrol and diesel prices go up or down, check today’s rates


Petroleum companies have issued new rates. In the national capital, petrol is selling at Rs 101.49 per liter and diesel at Rs 88.92 per liter.

Both oil prices have not changed today. Petrol and diesel prices have not changed since last Tuesday. The last change took place on August 24, 2021 and at that time many of the country Fuel in cities Prices were cut. Earlier, petrol prices were stable for about a month and then they came down, which has led to a fall of up to Rs 100 in many cities.

petrol and diesel prices
petrol and diesel prices

According to Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, the Center imposes an excise duty of Rs 32 per liter and the proceeds are spent on various welfare schemes. “The central government is also very sensitive to our other responsibilities,” he said. The government has provided free rations, free vaccinations and all other facilities to 80 crore people. So it’s part of that picture.

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