Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained in Germany’s Munich Airport Over Undeclared Item

Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained in Germany’s Munich Airport Over Undeclared Item


Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained at Munich Airport, and now he will face tax proceedings for not declaring an item he had with him upon his arrival in Germany.

A Munich Customs press officer, Thomas Meister, said for CNN that Arnold did not declare a product that was imported from a non-European Union country.

While you can bring products from foreign countries to the EU, those that are meant to remain in the bloc need to be declared, and the person who brought them needs to pay a tax. Since Arnold failed to do so, he will now face proceedings, reports.

As Meister revealed, Arnold was held by the customs for more than two hours. The same said that after the procedure was completed, he was released and able to continue his journey.

In addition to the Munich Customs press office, a source who is close to the actor also commented on the matter.

The source said for CNN that Arnold was detained for travelling with a watch he owns. The same revealed that the watch is possibly intended for auction at his charity event that was scheduled to take place in Kitzbuhel, Austria, over the weekend.

Arnold was detained for three hours today at Munich airport for travelling with a watch he owns that he might be auctioning at his charity auction tomorrow in Kitzbuhel.

Source Close to Arnold

Furthermore, the source also revealed more information about the watch. The source said that the watch was from Audemars Piguet, which is a luxury brand from Switzerland.

Regarding the declaration form that needs to be filled when you bring such items into the bloc, the source said that Arnold was not asked to fill it. At the same time, the source emphasised that Arnold answered every question that the officers asked him with full honesty.

The source further added that the situation could serve as material for a humorous police move as other errors also occurred along the way.

As revealed, Arnold agreed to pre-pay for the potential taxes on the watch he brought with him. However, due to some problems, he was unable to use the credit card machine to make the payment.

He was then followed to a bank to withdraw money from the ATM to make the payment, but the ATM had a low withdrawal limit, and the bank was closed. When he returned to the customs, he was finally able to make the payment with a new machine that worked.


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