Army of Patiala who gave map of Yol cant to ISI arrested, leader of drug trafficker also arrested – Punjabi news | Patiala soldier arrested Leaking maps of Yol Cantt to ISI Know in Punjabi


Police have arrested an army man and an accomplice of a drug smuggler from Patiala for allegedly leaking photos and maps of Himachal’s Yol Army cant to Pakistan’s ISI. The three including the drug smuggler Amrik Singh were produced in the Samana court on Wednesday, where after the appearance, the three accused were sent to five-day police remand.

In this case, now a soldier of Chandigarh or Panchkula unit is on the radar of the police. From this soldier, Patiala soldier used to collect intelligence about Yol army cant and give it to drug smuggler Amrik Singh. The police are investigating what the two soldiers took from the drug trafficker in exchange for this work.

The arrested accused include constable Manpreet Sharma, a resident of Balvera village, Patiala district, and Avtar Singh, son of Suba Singh, the hawker of drug smuggler Amrik Singh, a resident of Khudda village, Patiala district. Ghagga police station in-charge Amanpal Singh Virak confirmed that the five-day remand of the three accused including the drug smuggler has been obtained in this case.

Avtar Singh was given AK-47 and cartridge box

About a year and a half ago, drug smuggler Amrik Singh gave one of the arms consignments sent to Pakistan by ISI agent Sher Khan, AK-47 and a box of cartridges to his patron Avtar Singh. Amrik Singh asked the goon Avtar Singh to supply someone.

Police have arrested Avtar Singh to get information about the arms and cartridges supplied to him. It is worth mentioning that Amrik Singh was given two AK-47s and 250 cartridges by Pakistan’s ISI agent Sher Khan in return for providing intelligence about Yol Army Cantt. In which one AK-47 was given by Amrik Singh to his other goon Kala Singh. Whose arrest is still pending.


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