Are you not happy with the existing health insurance, in this way port the policy to another company


How to Port The Policy: After the corona pandemic, people are now getting more and more health insurance. So that in the time of any health related trouble, it can be easily treated. If you have already taken a health policy and you are not happy with it, then you can easily port it to another company. By doing this, the benefits you get in the old policy will continue in the new policy as well. It may also happen that you may get some additional benefits in the new policy.

First of all, know that only regular policies can be ported. If the health policy has been stopped midway due to any reason, then it cannot be ported to another company. Now know about this whole process:-

choose new company

  • You have to apply for port 45-60 days before the old policy expires.
  • First of all, choose the insurance company in which you want to get health insurance. After that fill the application form.
  • After this the new company will send you the portability and proposal form. You have to fill both these forms.
  • In this, you will have to give your personal information and the information of the previous insurance company.

All these can be transferred

  • Waiting period of 30 days after buying the policy
  • waiting period for chronic diseases
  • waiting period for a particular disease
  • No claim bonus of old policy

You must have these documents

  • Notice regarding renewal of health insurance or policy schedule of the previous year
  • A declaration to claim No Claim Bonus
  • Discharge summary if any claim is made
  • Inspection and follow-up reports
  • Past medical history, reports and copies

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